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"WinZip is an outstanding program. I've tried many other similar applications but WinZip is by far the best solution out there in my opinion."

"After trying many other popular utilities, WinZip has out rated all of them by a long shot! WinZip it contains many more features than any of the others."


WinZip returns with a vengeance in an improved version with 100% compatability with Microsoft Windows. Thanks to its excellent quality and versatility, WinZip is already considered one of the basic programs that all computers require. No matter if your PC is new or old; WinZip certainly adds an extra hand to your daily needs. No need to look any further, simply click the "Download Now" button above and get WinZip 100% clean of viruses and malware.


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  • No viruses or malware
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  • Easy to setup
  • Played by millions worldwide